Instrument Recording Software for Musicians – Why Every Musician Should Own a Digital Audio Workstation

There are various types of instrument recording software for musicians to record themselves. But the best one to get is a piece of software called a digital audio workstation (DAW for short).

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A DAW is a piece of software that allows you the create, edit, and manipulate sound so that you can create music. It is often considered most suitable for producers or sound engineers. But it is just as useful a piece of software if you are a musician.

Let me explain why.

Let’s say that you’re a bass player. A producer needs you to lay some groovy bass lines for a new song or composition. Normally you would go into his studio or a studio that he booked and spend some time recording your bass grooves to perfection.

But let’s say you’re very busy, or even in another country. You can still contribute your awesome basslines if you have a digital audio workstation, an audio interface, and some headphones. Simply plug your bass into your audio interface, and record yourself onto an instrument track n your DAW. When you’re done, export and send the track to your producer. Simple!

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In our Digital Audio Workstation Review, we went over 10 major DAWs, covering which ones would be good for you. Because you might simply be interested in recording your instruments takes and not doing a lot of production style arranging, editing, mixing, there are a few DAWs that you can purchase that would be suitable for you.

Presonus Studio One 3 ArtistPresonus Studio One 3 Recording Software

Studio One 3 Artist is a basic digital audio workstation that enables you to record, mix and edit tracks. Its interface is clean and has a workflow that is easy to understand. Here’s my full review.


Pro Tools FirstAvid Pro Tools Recording Software

Pro Tools First is free to download from their website, Pro Tools First is the baby brother to their main DAW, simply called Pro Tools, which is the industry standard when it comes to music production software.



Cakewalk SONAR ArtistCakewalk SONAR Recording Software

SONAR Artist is one of the most feature-packed recording software out there. As the name implies, it was designed with artists in mind, but still, has the same high quality as its bigger brother SONAR Platinum. While the above-mentioned DAWs are most suitable for professionals, this DAW is suitable for you whether you’re a professional or amateur.


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