What’s New in Reason 10 – Find out all the New Features of Propellerhead Reason 10

Propellerhead Software is coming out with Reason 10 in October and a lot of people are excited about what’s new in Reason 10. Fitting for a major digit change in version number, this upgrade is rumoured as Propellerhead’s biggest update ever, content-wise, with two new synthesizers.

What’s New in Reason 10

The new synthesizers are the Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer (what a name!) and the Grain Sample Manipulator. No doubt Propellerhead is responding to the direction that electronic production music is taking in the last few years.

New Synthesizers

Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer
Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer

The Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer is, according to Propellerhead, a flexible, dynamically generated wavetable synthesizer. This allows you to apply a varied range of modulating waveform tables with advanced spectral filtering and harmonic processing.

The Grain Sample Manipulator allows you to explore sonic variations by dragging in any audio sample you choose onto its interface. From a selection of algorithms to choose from, routing, effects, and flexible modulations, you can create unique sonic shapes for your music from sampled audio.

If any of this sounds familiar, producers are utilizing VSTs like Serum on other DAWs will try out the new synths offered within a pro level DAW that, until recently, didn’t support third-party plugins.

Grain Sample Manipulator
Grain Sample Manipulator

Reason may have allowed users the ability to load third-party plugins in their later versions, but now they have stepped up their own plugin game by creating some really attractive virtual instruments to help keep users satisfied with their native softwares.

New VSTs

Two other virtual instrument additions are the acclaimed Radical Piano and Synchronous Effect Modulator. They were previously only available as Rack Extensions, which you could only access via the Propellerhead Shop. But now they are included within the DAW itself.

Propellerhead's Radical Piano
Propellerhead’s Radical Piano

Those already familiar with Radical Piano will know about the flexibility and authenticity of the sound it creates.

If you knew about Synchronous before, you’d know how good it is at quickly creating sidechain effects, drawing your own LFO curves for filters, delays, reverb, distortion and levels.

Reason collaborated with Soundiron to include three awesome new sampled instruments:

Propellerhead's Klang Tuned Percussion
Klang Tuned Percussion

The Klang Tuned Percussion will give producers a lot of great and interesting sounds to play with. It has 10 high-quality sampled melodic percussion instruments, great for modern electronic music productions like pop, future bass, trap, etc.

Propellerhead's Pangea World
Propellerhead’s Pangea World

Pangea World adds to the list of new instruments with interesting names that promise to deliver cool and interesting sounds. It comes with 11 world instruments. With all the tropical pop, jungle electronic dance music being made now, producers will find these sounds a compliment to their productions.

Propellerhead will be supplying gigabytes worth of new, modern and up-to-date pop, electronic and hip hop drum loops and samples in their Loop Supply and Drum Supply package, which you can use in their Kong drum machine and Dr Octo Rex loop player.

Humana Vocal Ensemble
Humana Vocal Ensemble

Finally, there is the Humana Vocal Ensemble. With this virtual instrument, you get a collection of solo vocals and choirs to add epic sounds to your music. A lot of electronic music has been moving in the direction of vocal synths, so this is definitely a necessary addition to an otherwise electronic music based digital audio workstation.

Release Date?

When can producers get to purchase this DAW? Propellerhead says it will be available for purchase and download on the 25th of October 2017. If you purchase Reason now or have purchased a copy of Reason sometime after September 1, 2017, you will get the upgrade for free.

Otherwise, Reason 10 will cost you about $450. Reason Essentials 10 will be $120. And the upgrade to Reason 10 from any other previous version 1 to 9 will be only $120.

With all that said, Reason 10 is looking good, and, giving all the updates, current users of Reason will have a …  reason … to want to get the upgrade with all its new goodies.