[Video Tutorial] How To Make Bedroom Pop – The Basics

In today’s tutorial we show you the basics of how to make bedroom pop. So what exactly is bedroom pop? Well, bedroom pop is a growing indie genre that focuses on lo-fi nostalgic beats, harmonies, chords, and instrumentation. Not sure what that means? Watch the video…

The great thing about this genre is that it is one of the few in which you can achieve some relative musical success as a producer without having the best gear for music production. All you need is a DAW and some headphones.

Bedroom pop is a lot more than just instrumentation and arrangement. Some degree of knowhow in utilizing effects plugins will go a long way in achieve that classic nostalgic 80s feel that you’d be striving after. So if you’re interested in getting started with this new genre phenomenon, take a look at the video above and start making some bedroom pop beats!

As with or previous tutorials, this is an Ableton Live friendly tutorial, but the principles mentioned in this video are easily transferable to any other DAW of your choice.

Make sure to watch this all the way to the end, and let us know know if you’d like to cover any aspect of this tutorial in more detail in the comment section.