UJAM Finisher VOODOO Review – New Plugin to Check Out


Some producers love getting deep into the details. But sometimes, all you need is a dash of magic. This entry into UJAM’s Finisher range, Voodoo, does exactly that. With an easy interface and a wide variety of effects specially made for guitar, Voodoo can give your six-strings that mojo that can take your sound to another dimension. Check out our UJAM Finisher VOODOO review and know exactly what we mean.

UJAM, known for its fun and easy-to-use consumer virtual instruments, has been expanding its inventory of consumer-level plugins. This includes Voodoo which was developed from UJAM’s virtual guitarist plugin, CARBON. This multi-effects processor gives users dozens of options to spice up their tone or simply play with some flair.

Specs and Features

In keeping with UJAM’s user-friendly philosophy, Voodoo has a playful and straightforward interface. This is evident in its magical theme, neon colors, and large knobs.

It has one central knob which acts like a wet/dry dial. It is obvious, however, there is a lot more processing happening under the hood.

There are four other parameters you can play with, but most of the technical details seem to have already been macro-programmed. You’ll never make a wrong twist of the knob using the Voodoo.

It has 150 signature presets, each with creative names that make them easy to memorize.

UJAM claims to use 40 effects algorithms, using distortion, convolution, multiband compression, filters, and even granular effects.

Since the Finisher was derived from Carbon’s architecture, it also has intuitive automation and MIDI control capabilities. Users can also connect pedals and other external controllers if they want more creative control during performance.

Our Impressions

Voodoo is a performer-friendly plugin. Through macro-programming and automation, it enables users to get a nice-sounding tone without spending hours tweaking a plugin. We think this is a unique approach to plugin-making and it will certainly appeal to performers who want a plug and play tool that they can use right off the box.

Although the Voodoo’s interface doesn’t look very sophisticated, you will be surprised by the sounds available here. Some of them, such as Glitchcraft, seems to have been meticulously programmed with a bunch of different delays, granulizers, and other effects. Another preset, Run Like Floyd, perfectly captures 80s Pink Floyd’s guitar sound. Poisoned is another interesting preset which transforms any sound into a brooding drone.

While Voodoo doesn’t give the user a lot of space to design their own sounds, its presets are performance-ready and actually sound great.

Nonetheless, we also think that the plugin could benefit from more technical descriptions for each present. For example, the descriptions can includes the effects used. This would allow the users to learn more about designing sounds.

It would also be nice to have a better way to organize and sort the presets so facilitate preset recall. Adding technical descriptions might help towards this goal by adding categories based on the certain aspects, such as the types of effects used.

Bottom Line

Let’s be clear by saying that UJAM’s Voodoo is by no means a complex tool. Since it is meant to be accessible and fun to use, advanced and meticulous producers may feel a bit short-handed when crafting specific sounds using this plugin.

But that doesn’t make it any less of a creative tool. It offers every sound you would expect from a multi-effects rack, and then some. The automation and macro-programming also make it hard for any user to mess up their tone.

It can also be used as a source of inspiration for your production or songwriting. Because you can easily cycle through and play with the presets, you can focus on just jamming with yourself or other people.

Where to get it

Wanna give UJAM Finisher Voodoo a try? A free, 30-day trial is available. You can download it from Plugin Boutique or UJAM’s website. It can be downloaded in VST, AU, and AAX formats.