WA Production

Music Production Nerds partners with WA Production

Music Production Nerds is proud to present one of our partners, WA Production. A company founded in 2014 by producer Redhead Roman in the Czech Republic.

They are a sound-design label that produces some of the best sample packs, DAW and plugin soundsets, presets, and MIDI loops in the industry today. They cater to many styles, but their primary focus is on the EDM genres, like Big Room, Future House, Tropical House, Progressive, Trap, and lots more. Everything’s up-to-date and fresh to meet the demand for more of the latest and greatest sounds for producers, songwriters, and DJs.

They’re also a great platform for music producers. For those just starting out, or those that want the latest and best guides, they have plenty of great courses and tutorials, as well as useful information on their blog. And their online community offers access to a world of valuable connections in the industry.

With our coming together, we hope to deliver even better value to you and to our audience.

You can take look at their website for further information.