Studio one 3 Upgrade – How to Upgrade to PreSonus Studio One 3

In this post, I will tell you how to upgrade to PreSonus Studio One 3 if you’re currently on version 2, without the need to buy brand new software.

Studio one 3 Upgrade – How to Upgrade to PreSonus Studio One 3

This was the result of a question comment on my DAW reviews by reader Dom, who asked:

“If I have Studio One 2 do you know if it’s possible to download an upgrade from Presonus without having to buy entirely new software?”

I’m happy to say that you can purchase an upgrade instead running out and purchasing the DAW full price.

Getting Studio One 3 Professional would run you about 450 dollars, depending on where you purchase it. But to buy an upgrade to the version you currently own would cost you just about 150 dollars. So, it’s best to go with the upgrade option.

But, how do you upgrade from your current version to the latest version?

Here are the steps  to Upgrade to PreSonus Studio One 3How to Upgrade to PreSonus Studio One 3
  1. First, Purchase an upgrade, you’ll get an email with the upgrade license which you will use to upgrade your DAW
  2. Once you have the license, launch your DAW
  3. When it’s up, navigate to the Studio One menu, and click on Studio One Activation
  4. When the activation menu comes up, select Activate or Upgrade
  5. Next, choose Activate Online
  6. On the screen that comes up, enter your account information, and check the box “I have purchased an upgrade of Studio One.”
  7. You’ll see a drop-down box under “Old Product Key, select Refresh, your existing Studi One product key will come up, select it.
  8. Next, enter your new product key in the Product Key box. Click Activate.
  9. A window will pop up to verify activation. Click OK.
  10. You will then see a window telling you about additional content that comes with Studio One. Choose “Install content from PreSonus user account,” then on the following window, select what you want, and it will be automatically downloaded and installed for you.

You’re done!

If you’d like to know a little more about PreSonus Studio One, you can read about it in my review here.

I hope you found this post useful – if so, please share with your friends. And if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I will get back to you.