[Video Tutorial] How to Process Vocals (in Ableton or Any DAW)

In previous articles we’ve highlighted important tips and techniques for mixing vocals. In this video, we will show in real time a few effective ways you can achieve better, more professional sounding lead vocals in your home studio recordings.

This video is primarily Ableton friendly, but you’ll be able to extrapulate the ideas and techniques for any DAW of your choice.

You might be surprised at how simple it may be, yet how effective the outcomes are. Here, are a few things that will be covered:

  • Removing imperfections that will be a dead giveaway that it was recorded by an amateur
  • The proper demonstration of using a compressor on your vocal tracks
  • EQing your vocals like a professional
  • Applying a DeEsser correctly
  • And other mixing tips and mindsets you need.

Usually you’d need to pay money on an audio book or even a course for this kind of information. But we’re giving it to you for free! And will continue to do so indefinitely.

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