[Video Tutorial] 3 EQ Sweeping Techniques for Cleaning Up Your Mix [Ableton Tutorial]

In this video tutorial we’ll be taking a look at 3 EQ sweeping techniques you can use to clean up your mix and add polish and shine to your track.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “EQ sweep” before and glossed over the words without giving it much attention. The truth is… this is a very important trick in the arsenal of any mixing and mastering engineer. And it’s pretty simple once you get the idea down and start practicing it for yourself.

With these three techniques you’ll be well on your way to perfecting your own recording and mixes, and having fun while doing so!

This is an Ableton Live friendly tutorial, but the principles mentioned in this video are easily transferable to any other DAW and/or parametric EQ you desire to use.

As always, make sure to watch this all the way to the end, and let us know know if you’d like to cover any aspect of this tutorial in more detail in the comment section.

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