Efektor GQ3607 Review – Free Graphic EQ Plugin by Kuassa

Efektor GQ3607 ReviewEfektor is a funky EQ offered by Kuassa. The plugin is available in 5 different formats and completely free, so you definitely reap its benefits. The 7 band equalizer is preset at common frequency points used by professional mixers. Although there is no live visual display on the plugin, GQ3607 serves as a great way to train your ears and start learning the art of EQ.

Efektow GQ3607 very much resembles a guitar pedal and with good reason — the plugin lends itself specifically to guitar equalization, although the EQ is useful enough to use on a number of instruments. In addition to cutting out unwanted frequencies, the plugin can be used to amplify sounds to help them cut through in a mix. The UI is very simple and pretty much wholly dedicated to EQ bands and the output level. You can save presets within the plugin to keep your EQ style consistent across mixes.

Specs and Features

This plugin comes with 7 EQ bands, which can each be toggled to 3 different preset recommended points. Each point and band is meticulously labeled, so you can train your ears to understand more of the technical aspects behind equalization. In addition, Efektor GQ3607 has 3 different presets; One for guitar, bass, and wide. There’s a handy bypass switch toggle on the plugin so you can easily compare before and after sounds. Moreover, there’s also an A/B switch so you can navigate in between two different preset setting patterns. Efektor GQ3607 has a volume level meter within the UI to ensure you’re not clipping, which is easy to do, especially when boosting lower bass frequencies.

Our Impressions

The simplicity and ease of access to this plugin are evident. The UI, although bare-bones, is very charming and has the appearance of a classic guitar pedal. Although I typically prefer having a user interface displaying my frequencies in real-time while EQing (I’m a visual learner), I can understand how this plugin may help users train their ears and not rely on solely spectrum meters. It’s nice that this EQ is catered specifically to guitars as most EQs are much more general in use which can be great for flexibility but difficult for users new to mixing guitar and bass sounds. I appreciate Kuassa putting the frequency point numbers on the interface so that the user can gain insight regarding exactly where they are cutting out sound. The plugin is easy to use and a great tool for guitarists!

User Impressions

Users loved the Efektor GQ3607 for its intuitive design and focus on guitars. It’s difficult to find an EQ plugin catered to guitars alone, especially for free, and it seems Kuassa does an excellent job at filling that niche. Although some users wished for a more visual user interface, some producers found the simplicity one of the VST’s strengths. Musicians found success using this plugin for uses outside of guitar and bass plugins and enjoyed creating presets within the plugin. There isn’t a whole lot of flexibility in terms of EQing since all of the shaping points are preset, but this is helpful for some producers as it produces beneficial results quickly without having to put in a large amount of time investment. The central bypass feature makes it easy to see exactly how your sound is being altered. Despite only being released for barely 2 months, most users had little to no issue with Kuassa’s Efektor GQ3607 which is impressive in itself.

Bottom Line

Efektor GQ3607 is a great plugin for guitarists, bassists and musicians alike. Although there is no visual interface, the ear-based EQ will help you sharpen your mixing skills and make you more familiar with common shaping points by displaying the exact frequency at which you make a cut. It’s super simple which makes its ability to streamline your workflow so powerful. The plugin is charming and intuitive and certainly worth your time considering that its free of charge.

Where to Get It

This plugin comes in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RE formats. It is compatible with Windows XP or later and Mac OS 10.6 or later. It requires 512 MB of RAM. You can get Efektor GQ3607 for free here.