Best Stereo Imaging Plugins

10 Best Stereo Imaging Plugins

Looking to loosen your mix’s stereo image, or perhaps just make it more exciting? There are many tools to do that… But the best stereo imaging plugins out there gives you absolute creative control over your stereo image. Read on …

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Best FLUTE VST Plugins

Best Flute VST Plugins & Libraries

Flute timbres are well-loved in music, especially in modern music production. Present everywhere from orchestral ensembles to trap beats, there is something about the sound of breath turning into sweet notes that fascinates composers and producers. It’s no wonder why …

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BEST PLugins for EDM

10 Best Plugins for EDM

Producing music within the Electronic Dance Music or EDM genre can be rewarding, given the technical know-how that it demands, and the a little inspiration for that high energy level of the music. This compels producers to need the right …

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Best FabFilter Plugins

10 Best FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter is ubiquitous in the audio engineering industry for making some of the top of the line plugins. Most producers will recommend FabFilter for anything, whether beginner or pro, for EQing to de-essing, and even synth. So in this list, …

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