Accusonus has released a brand new and pretty neat plugin called Rhythmiq. A rather interesting name, since its purpose is to help you to be better at making beats. Even taking your own beats, or beats sampled from crate digging, and refreshing them with it’s machine learning capabilities. If you’d like to earn more about the plugin, watch the video review we’ve made above (and don’t forget to subscribe!)

One of the cool things we like about this plugin is that it’s more of an instrument that just another beat making plugin. If you’re into live performances, you can generate loops that aren’t simply static and monotonous, breathing your own life into it with the combination of MIDI controls for pretty much any of its parameters. Combine this, as we’ve said, with it’s AI and you have a beast on in your DAW.

One of the ways it does this is by its ability to analyze your beats. If you need help mashing up beats and getting the right loops together in your track, the plugin will actually analyze, learn, and change and regroove your tracks to your specifications.

The user interface is also pretty intuitive. Taking your stems, you can generate as many different beats as you want, create new patterns, and with a turn of a knob, switch between patterns and variations quickly and easily. Again, very convenient for live musicians. But we can also image how well it would work when you’re in your creative flow and can’t stop to patch up something in the last bar or two.

In all, this plugin is stupid fun, and it was a great experience playing around with it for our review. Talk about endless inspirational value!

To learn more and see it in effect, scroll up to watch the video. And check the discounts from Plugin Boutique.