Hi, I’m Ade, and I created MusicProductionNerds.com as a place to help producers, musicians, and sound engineers in finding the right software, equipment, and accessories for all things music production and home studio. I also provide educational “how to” and “what is” posts to solve common and perhaps not so common music production issues. My posts are primarily intended for beginners and “advanced beginners,” as well as intermediate and some advanced users where applicable.

I’m a professional keyboardist, producer, and music educator, with lots of years experience in and out of the music industry, from composition, to production, through to performance and live and studio recording.

I know that it is difficult to sort through the deluge of software, sample packs, equipment and gears that make up the music production industry in the modern digital world. My duty here is to help you make sense of it all, and to have fun while you’re at it!

My goals at Music Production Nerds:

  • To assist you in finding the best music production software, equipment, gears, and accessories
  • To give useful information, solutions, and reviews on gears for your home studio or musical projects
  • To help you become better skilled as a producer, engineer, or musician

How I run this site

This website is supported by a small percentage of money earned from sales on many of the products I recommend to you on this site. That means that if you make a purchase from a gear, software, course, or service I personally recommend, instead of you paying more, a little less money will be paid to the seller so that a small portion of it can be used to help me provide this information to you.

If you didn’t find a music production product you wanted out of the ones I promoted, and you still want to support this website, feel free to purchase from Amazon using this link, which will take you to Amazon’s own selection of top rated home studio recording equipment.