Music Production Nerds is a research driven blog for producers and home studio owners — We find the best software and gear for you.

Also, if you’re new to music production or would like to get into having your own home studio, we provide educational articles that’ll help to make making and producing your own music easier and fun.

Important articles and guides


Studio Equipment Guide for Beginners

Everything you need to start a basic recording studio and begin producing music.


A Basic Recording Guide

What you need to know about the recording process.


Understanding Compression

All that you need to know about audio compression in music production.


Understanding Audio Synthesis

All that you need to know about how a synthesizer works, and the various forms of synthesis.


Making Money from Music

Some ideas to start turning your music production passion into a business.


Starting a Publishing Company

Cover your back and make sure your music gets the representation it deserves.


Careers in Music Production

Some career choosing tips and ideas for those wanting to go pro.


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If you are looking for a way to expand your sonic capabilities or create unique and compelling music, a sampler might just be the right tool for you. Versatile, powerful, and rife with possibilities, samplers can help you recreate old-school …

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